Chloe's Ways to Wear - Orange Painted Floral Collar Dress

Hi Everyone!

A new feature we want to introduce is our 'Ways to Wear' guides. At Small Stories, we advocate sustainable wear. We encourage our customers to buy less, wear more and waste nothing. Introducing this feature will inspire you to style your Small Stories pieces in more than one way to improve longevity in your child's wardrobe.

Our first 'Way to Wear' guide is on the Orange Painted Floral Collar Dress, one of my favourite pieces from the Small Stories range! The print is suitable for all seasons as the orange is a beautiful colour from Autumn through to Summer.

The first way to wear the Painted Floral Collar Dress is with a long sleeve bodysuit which compliments the colours in the dress pattern. Add some cute socks and shoes and you have the perfect spring ensemble.

The second way to wear the dress is similar to the first way to wear by adding a complimentary coloured cardigan and matching tights. This would be perfect for a little girl on the move who needs to keep warm but the cardigan can easily be taken off if she gets too hot!

The final way to wear the painted floral collar dress is to add some comfy jeans and a rain proof jacket. As the weather in England is so unpredictable, this outfit may get the most wear out of the three haha. It is perfect for a little explorer who spends all her time getting dirty out in the garden.
I hope you enjoyed this weeks Ways to Wear! 
Chloe x