Chloe's Ways to Wear - I am an artist unisex sweatshirt

Hi Everyone!

Our feature we want to introduce is our 'Ways to Wear' guides had a great reception last week so we are back with another one!

At Small Stories, we advocate sustainable wear. We encourage our customers to buy less, wear more and waste nothing. Introducing this feature will inspire you to style your Small Stories pieces in more than one way to improve longevity in your child's wardrobe. 

Our second 'Way to Wear' guide is on the I Am An Artist Sweatshirt. The design is perfect for both girls and boys as the green and pink graphic is unisex.

The first way to wear the sweatshirt is to pair it with some patterned Small Stories jogging bottoms. These paint dot design are perfect and clash the sweatshirt brilliantly. Depending on if the is being styled on a girl or a boy, the headband in the matching print is also available.
The second way to wear the sweatshirt is to add the painted dot bomber jacket, some jeans and some boots. The brown in the boots compliments the jacket perfectly as does the pink in the jacket compliment the jumper! Lots of matching!
The final way to wear is probably the coolest!! Adding some grey joggers and matching cap to the sweatshirt gives a very effortlessly cool look. Depending where you are going, par it with the painted dot backpack for an extra pop of colour.
I hope you enjoyed this weeks Ways to Wear!
Chloe x